Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stand too long, try step out.

A Chair 空櫈 2003.08.13 oil on canvas 66cm x 29.5cm

日復日,畫每日就在我身邊,每日都期待著,期待一天可以開開心心的從另個地方看自己的畫。可能就是這個原因, 每隔一段時間,我便把我的畫在我的畫室內左搬右移。事實上,不得不將畫到處搬動,因為畫室同時間亦是我工作的辦公室,地方總是雜亂無章。搬動只是給自己一點安慰.........

事實上,能擁有這麼一個可算是大的畫室(辦公室)不容易。除了擺放我的作品外, 到底它根本是給我產生作品的地方。所以我不自覺每天都在這個小小的空間內納悶地走動。就是每天假裝為自己達成了這個心願, 跟隨腳步從另一地看自己的畫。


6 September 2013  1:48am

Day after day, Painting daily on my side, every day looking forward, looking forward to one day be a happy heart from another place to see my paintings. Probably for this reason, every once in a while, I put my paintings move here and there in my painting room. In fact, the painting had to be moving around, because the studio is also my working place --- office, where always disorganized. Move just give myself a little comfort .........

Every day, walking around in circles
In fact, can be considered to have such a large studio (office) is not easy. In addition to my art work storage, but at the end it is simply to produce my artwork here. So I do not consciously every day wonder in this tiny space to move around. Is a day pretending to reach this wish for myself, follow my footsteps of another angle look at  my paintings.

Every day, not forgotten
Apparently, painting is just my personal interest to kill time. But when the time comes .... it has the wind started.

6 September 2013  1:48am

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