Thursday, October 2, 2008

Artist Meeting

The is the day on my exhibition Artist Meeting 13 September 2008

The photo form CCI , thanks for them. That day not so many people, but I am enjoy it, and know some friend, and open some point of view with other, It good begining for us. Thanks for coming!


Chintia Kirana said...

Hi, I look through your blogspot earlier. i really like your paintings. i wish i could be more productive like you are. But with college that i'm trying to finish this spring is hard. I sign up for blogspot a couple days ago because my friends told me about this, and i still haven't figure out all the gadgets that they offer. anyways, I'll be your followers now. feel free to check out my art. i don't have much yet.

YUEN WAI IP said...

Hello Chintia :

thanks for visit , painting is a interesting thing, like flower. Today we only have one flower in our garden, but after we keep go on ,then one day our garden will have so many beautiful flower there. ^_^ !

you have heart in your painting!